Selecting the right stone


Quartz is the seventh hardest mineral on earth, exceeded only by gemstones such as Topaz, Sapphire, and Diamond. The clarity of natural Quartz creates a beauty that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing methods or techniques.
Our engineered Quartz is made up of crushed natural Quartz and resin. It provides the same depth and radiance without any imperfections that can come in natural stone. Our colors were inspired by the raw beauty of distinctive regions around the world, offering a palette of colors from soft and serene to passionate and intense. Quartz is nonporous and very scratch and stain-resistant. It combines timeless beauty with incomparable durability.
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Common Use:

Shower and Bathtub surround


Limestone is widely used as a building stone since it is readily available and easy to work with. It is a sedimentary stone, layered and formed from the skeletons and shells of sea creatures that live in the vast, warm seas millions of years ago.
Many varieties of domestic limestone are gray to buff in color, while some pastel shades of yellow and pink also exist. Imported limestone is available in colors ranging from light beige to dark brown, red, and black. When the mineral dolomite is present, it makes the limestone harder and capable of being polished in the same manner as metamorphic marble.

Design New Features For Your Home With Limestone.

Common Use:

Fireplaces and mantels
Limited countertop use
Interior and exterior paving
Interior and exterior wall cladding
Exterior entrances, windows, and corner accents


Granite is an igneous rock formed by the crystallization of molten lava. Mineral impurities within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, creating an eye-catching “salt and pepper” appearance. Other types of granite have veins similar to the kind found in marble.
Granite is a dense, grainy, hard stone. It can be highly polished or furnished in a variety of ways to draw out its natural beauty. There is a broad spectrum of colors for you to choose from.
Design New Features For Your Home With Granite.

Common Use:

Interior & Exterior Paving
Interior & Exterior Wall Cladding
Residential & Commercial Countertop